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The Villager Story in Coral Gables

Article Published October 2016 Click on the image below for the whole document. ASK ANY TENTATIVE GYM-GOER FOR THEIR perfect exercise scenario and it might go a little something like this: Show up to a clean and well-equipped space with no other people in sight and an encouraging and knowledgeable personal trainer who will determine […]

Concept 10 10 Comes to Coral Gables

While many exercise-conscious people spend time every day at the gym, squeezed in between work and their personal routine, a new concept offers better results with just 20 minutes a week. Concept 10 10 recently opened its first location in South Florida in Coral Gables and offers one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer and special […]

Overview: Perspective and Importance in the Future of Strength Training in the Field of Rehabilitation

Vert Mooney, M.D., San Diego Professor of Orthopaedics UCSD, Medical Director Orthomed Center, San Diego It is now recognized that chronicity of musculoskeletal pain is associated with inhibited motor function and a phenomenon called „deconditioning“. Under these conditions reoccurrence of pain inducing episodes with the usual life event of the „unguarded moment“ can be expected. […]

Living Longer Stronger

Eilington Darden, Ph.D., Gainesville The purpose of the Living Longer Stronger program is to provide middle-aged people with a course at action to rebuild muscle mass. An average adult in the United States , for example, loses one-half pound of muscle per year between the ages of 20 and 50. As a 50-year old, his […]

The Effect of Weight-Bearing Exercise on Bone Mineral Density: A Study on Female Ex-Athletics and the General Population

Dr. John Ethefington, London St Thomas Hospital , London The aim of this retrospective cohort study was to estimate the changes in bone mineral density (BMD) as a consequence of exercise in female ex-athletes and age matched controls. Eighty-three ex-elite female athletes (67 middie and long distance runners, 16 tennis players, currently aged 40-65) were […]

High Intensity Strength Training in Nonagenarians

Effects on skeletal muscle Maria A. Fiatarone, MD; Elizabeth C. Marks, MS; Nancy D. Ryan, DT; Carol N. Meredith, PhD; Lewis A. Lipsitz, MD; William J. Evans, PhD Muscle dysfunction and associated mobility impairment, common among the frail elderly, increase the risk of falls, fractures, and functional dependency. We sought to characterize the muscle weakness […]