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The Clinical Effects of Intensive Specific Exercise on Chronic Low Back Pain

A Controlled Study of 895 Consecutive Patients with 1 Year Follow Up Brian W. Nelson, MD, Elizabeth O’Reilly, RN, Mark Miller*, PT, Mike Hogan, PT, Joseph A. Wegner, MD, MPH, Charles Kelly, MD Focus on the Spine Eight hundred ninety-five consecutive chronic low back pain patients were evaluated. Six hundred twentyseven completed the program. One […]

Comparison of Female Geriatric Lumbar-Extension Strength: Asymptomatic Versus Chronic Low Back Pain Patients and Their Response to Active Rehabilitation

Bryon Holmes, Scott Leggett, Vert Mooney, Jean Nichols*, Scott Negri, and An Hoeyberghs We compared lumbarextension strength between healthy asymptomatic geriatric females (HEAL) and symptomatic geriatric females (INJ) seeking medical attention for chronic low back pain. The INJ group used the MedX lumbarextension machine to perform isotonic exercise two times per week and were eventually […]

Pelvic Stabilization During Resistance Training: Its Effect on the Development of Lumbar Extension Strength

James E. Graves, PhD, Dina C. Webb, MS, PT, Michael L. Pollock, PhD, Jan Matkozich, Scott H. Leggett, MS, David M. Carpenter, MS, Dan N. Foster, MS, Joseph Cirulli The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare resistance exercise training with and without pelvic stabilization on the development of isolated lumbar extension strength. […]

The Effect of Workplace Based Strengthening on Low Back Injury Rates: A Case Study in the Strip Mining Industry

Vert Mooney 1,3 Marvin Kron 2 Patrick Rummerfield 2 Bryon Holmes 1 The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the effect of a once a week exercise program focused specially at lumbar extensor strengthening. This is a comparative study where workers volunteered to exercise were compared to workers who did not exercise. Low back […]

 Research on Advanced Strength Training

By Wayne L. Westcott, PhD Posted on NaturalStrength.com on April 15, 2000 Several studies have shown that single-set strength training is just as effective as multiple-set strength training for beginning exercisers (Starkey et al., 1994; Westcott, 1995a). However, Kraemer (1996) has indicated that the rate of strength gain slows considerably after four months of a […]

The Effect of Lumbar Extension Training With and Without Pelvic Stabilization on Lumbar Strength and Low Back Pain

M a n c h e s t e r   R T C “The Effect of Lumbar Extension Training With and Without Pelvic Stabilization on Lumbar Strength and Low Back Pain” Smith et al, Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, 24 (2011) 241-249/BMR-2011-0301  Strong Clinical Performance…Quantitatively better clinical outcomes.  A just published randomized clinical trial […]