Spot toning: One of the biggest fitness myths

My belly always seemed to hold that extra bit of fat until...

Spot toning: One of the biggest fitness myths

Are you holding extra fat in your thighs or maybe your buttocks? Perhaps you seem to always carry a little more extra baggage in your mid-section?

Don’t be tempted by products, services or techniques that promise to target the body fat in any one of  these particular areas.

If you’ve got chubby big toes or belly fat woes, truth is, your body fat distribution won’t change.

“Concept 10 10 won’t take your money to sell you lies”, says owner and founder Jorgen Albrectsen.

Targeting a belly roll with thousands of pushups or a magic pill is giving into the myth of spot reduction.

Many people aren’t perfectly proportioned– whatever your idea of perfect is. They may be the type to have a larger upper body or a larger lower body.

“They can get strong as they can be,” Jorgen says. “They will still be disproportionate.

“You can’t carve out the body you want. That’s why we have this joke: ‘Choose your parents carefully,'” he says.

It’s genetics.

“We realize it’s disappointing to people because they’ve been living a dream that unfortunately doesn’t come true.”

Commercially, financially, it could be tempting to feed into this mythology of spot reduction. However, clients’ results are the payoff at Concept 10 10.

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