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Healing woman’s best friend

Naples veterinarian performs rare brain surgery on part-time resident’s service dog

From the Naples Daily News
Posted February 29, 2012 at 4:31 p.m.

A friend, a family member, a service dog — all in one 2-and-a-half-pound furry package — was nearly lost due to a common misdiagnosis of what appeared to be seizures to her owner.

They weren’t true seizures, but that was just one of many things learned in the process of saving this tiny rare dog.

Yuppy (pronounced you-pea) looks like a Chihuahua, only she is smaller and with what look like little pony tails or pig tails, as long hair flows from just the tips of her ears.

Now there is a healing surgical scar from a brain surgery between those pig tails. Yuppy, 3, underwent the rare surgery at Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, located in East Naples.

“It was successful,” says her owner Pernille Albrechtsen as she lifts Yuppy from a hand bag and gives her a kiss on the tip of her small nose. “I just couldn’t lose her. I love her. Of course, I love her. I also need her.”

Yuppy is a service dog, alerting Albrechtsen, who is hearing impaired, to things such as her ringing cell phone left across the room or a stranger close behind her.

Albrechtsen proudly takes Yuppy’s certificate from the U.S. Service Dog Registry out of Yuppy’s bag. Click Here to see the rest of the story.

No-sweat workout? 20 minutes will do it, says Naples gym

Zlobl2-1024x680By Kelly Farrell
Naples Daily News
October 25, 2011

It’s a curious concept: a workout regimen touting that you can get fit by committing to as little as 20 minutes a week.

You’re not dripping with sweat. You haven’t done traditional cardio work and no stretching is required. No warm up. No cool down.

It’s often curiosity that brings people into the Concept 10 10 fitness center in North Naples.

It’s the results that keep Dr. Tracye Zlobl, OB/GYN, of Naples coming back, she said.

“Within three weeks of starting I could see a difference in muscle tone,” said Zlobl, who has been working out regularly the majority of her 52 years in life.

“Three months later and difference in muscle tone is phenomenal,” she said.

The lack of sweating, stretching and jogging doesn’t necessarily make it easy.

“This is the hardest, most unpleasant, brutal workout,” said Concept 10 10 owner and founder Jorgen Albrechtsen.

Yet it’s only 20 minutes.

See The Complete Story (Click Here)

No sweat, no problem

New exercise concept takes just 20 minutes per week

News-Press – November 21, 2011

Reporter Amy Sowder recently tried out the Concept 10 10 workout routine as part of Coastal Life’s Feeling Good series.

Concept 10 10 sounds too good to be true: a fitness routine that takes 20 minutes once a week, and you don’t break a sweat doing it.

But the Naples fitness center’s clients – from those who’ve never consistently worked out to dedicated fitness buffs – swear by the results.

“I have muscles where I never realized I had them,” said Debbie Picone, 53, of Bonita Springs, who started her weekly sessions two months ago. “I’m continuing, which is a big deal for me because I usually don’t exercise. But you can do almost anything for 20 minutes once a week.”

A free 1-hour introductory session available to the public meant we didn’t have to take someone else’s word for it.

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