PregnancyConcept 10 10 Training is not only “OK” to perform during pregnancy; in my opinion it is the perfect preparation for pregnancy. It is so well suited to prepare for pregnancy that I feel it should become the “standard of care” for pre-partum and perinatal preparation.

In certain exceptions such as pre-eclampsia or preterm labor the training would have to be discontinued; but in the vast majority of cases it is neglectful to not train. To go into pregnancy not availing yourself of this prenatal care, in my opinion, is much worse than having the occasional glass of wine or cup of coffee.

The risk to the fetus and mother from a difficult labor as a result of poor muscular condition are much greater than the risks that all mothers currently take much more seriously. Someday I hope it will be considered medically and socially unacceptable to not perform High Intensity Training in preparation for pregnancy and labor.

See what Yeal Low, pregnant member of Concept 10 10, has to say about her experience.


Dr. Amanda Ferguson – downtown Concept 10 10 center

Dr. Amanda Ferguson is the co-owner of the new Concept 10 10 center in downtown Naples, Florida.
As a chiropractor she recognizes that Concept 10 10 is a unique maintenance program after chiropractic adjustments.

80 percent of adults will fall victim to painful disorders of their lower backs at some point in their lives. It is the most common cause of disability for people before the age of forty-five, and second only to the common cold as a cause for a visit to the doctor. Back disorders account for nearly a third of the occupational injuries involved in lost work time.

A variety of factors can cause lower back problems, such as genetic predisposition, old age, disuse and injury. Unless we act to prevent it, the march of time robs us of muscle mass, bone mass, and strength in the lower back, as well as elsewhere in the body. As the strength in the lumbar muscles ebbs, the force of gravity overwhelms the muscular support structure, and, as a result, the spaces between the vertebrae start to narrow.

Improving the strength of the lumbar muscles and connective soft tissues has long been recognized by orthopedists, chiropractors, and physical therapists as the cornerstone of low back rehabilitation.
The lumbar muscles can only be effectively isolated using a lumbar extension machine. Lumbar extension machines are designed with a series of restraints that prevent tilting of the pelvis, rotation around the hip joints, or contribution from the big and strong muscles of the buttocks and thighs that would interfere with the work of the low back muscles.

This unique piece of equipment is part of a Concept 10 10 workout.

Dr. Amanda Ferguson – Concept 10 10 center

As a chiropractor, Dr Amanda Ferguson recognizes that Concept 10 10 is a unique maintenance program after chiropractic adjustments.



How to book your Concept 10 10 session online.

Wondering how to book your next Concept 10 10 without calling in? You can book online from your home whenever you want! Check out this quick video tutorial to learn how.

Did you know?


  • Nothing in the way of a stimulus is present to the body if the intensity of exercise is too low.
  • On the end of the spectrum- exercises such as running, though they increase the stimulus for positive adaptation, can increase the chance of damage and injury.
  • Harder work of muscles + shorter duration of activity= greater improvement and results.
  • You get better cardiovascular stimulus through an exercise you are able to perform for only 60-90 seconds rather than long periods of time. This is because the muscles, as well as the energy systems, are working harder.
  • You achieve a greater training effect if you put more effort into your exercise.
  • If you are able to engage, fatigue, and weaken muscle fibers within a defined time frame, then you are going to recruit all of the different muscle fiber types assertively- therefore getting the most mechanical and metabolic effort for producing an adaptation.
  • When an exercise is performed correctly, it eliminates all of the other extraneous components. This cuts down on excessive force and excessive wear and tear on joints.

LaDonna Roye: Doctor recommended Concept 10 10 and she’s down 1 pant size

Hairstylist LaDonna Roye has worked out at Concept 10 10 in North Naples since 2011.

Her doctor recommended she try Concept 10 10 and she was quickly glad she did.

The workout was perfect for LaDonna. It wasn’t intimidating and she only needed to do it for 20 minutes once per week!

Watch LaDonna here as she describes her experience with Concept 10 10:

Here are some of the key points of why LaDonna said she loves Concept 10 10 better than any other workout she’s ever tried in her life:

  • Strength improvement is remarkable with quick results near the outset and continued progress.
  • She spends less time and money at the chiropractor and massage therapist
  • She doesn’t sweat
  • It’s only 20 minutes, once per week.
  • The environment at Concept 10 10 in North Naples is nothing like the typical gym environment.
  • Personal trainers are professional, knowledgeable and friendly as they motivate her to go beyond what she thought was possible
  • She can go right to work after her workout without waiting to stop sweating, showering, etc.


Concept 10 10 training for everyone, current members aged 14 to 98 years old

Concept 10 10 is safe for everyone of almost any age and fitness background. It’s recommended to be at least 14 years old due to the size of the machines and maturity to stay focused. However, some even younger people can also benefit with no risk.

Currently, the oldest Concept 10 10 member is 98 years old. She has two artificial hips and is in the best shape she’s been in for the past several decades.

“Some people say that children under age 14 can’t workout because it will negatively affect their growth. That is another fitness myth,” says Jorgen Albrechtsen, the owner and founder of Concept 10 10, which has several locations internationally and a headquarters in North Naples among its Southwest Florida locations. (Licensing and franchising information available here).

Watch and listen to more of what Albrechtsen has to say about the accessibility of Concept 10 10 here:

More on the importance of exercise while aging
Regarding age, there is a very unfortunate belief among some people that senior citizens need or would benefit from less exercise. This is rarely the case.

Concept 10 10 is extremely safe. It is very low impact, with equipment adjusted to clients specific needs and a personal trainer who is focused on only one member.

All of the physiological mechanisms necessary for the human body to adapt to exercise remain intact through every stage of life. The only difference is that a person at age 35 who has never trained with weights is only beginning to lose the muscle mass from the aging process combined with de-conditioning while a person in their 70s has dug a deeper metabolic hole due to allowing muscle atrophy for a longer time.

 The remedy for adults of either or any age is the same– reverse the process through strength training. Concept 10 10 is the most efficient strength training there is. Most seniors, as is the same for other members, will need at least five days, to recover from the training.

“Seniors have the most to gain from a high-intensity strength training program like Concept 10 10,” said Albrechtsen.

In the case of inactive seniors, muscles have been laying dormant waiting for stimulus to awaken them. That is why Concept 10 10 trainers observe a common doubling or 100 percent increase in strength among senior members in as little as 6 to 12 weeks!
The only modifications in the exercise are in the case of injury or conditions such as arthritis which may initially restrict range of motion. This is true at any age.

Benefits for seniors (same as other ages only in even greater degree):

  • Regain muscle
  • Regain strength and muscle size
  • Enhanced walking endurance
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Improved blood lipid profiles
  • Increased gastrointestinal transit speed
  • Enhanced glucose utilization
  • Alleviated low-back pain
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Eased arthritic symptoms
  • Relieved depression
  • Improved post coronary performance
  • Decreased cholesterol
  • Decreased dependence on prescription drugs for many conditions (such as blood pressure, cholesterol, depression and diabetes)
  • Independence
  • Increased body temperature even while resting


More science and background information about Concept 10 10 here.
What is this 20-minute workout all about? Click here.
Other common questions answered here.

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Located in North Naples, on U.S. 41 approximately 1 mile north of Immokalee Rd in the Lynwood Square Plaza, 12820 North Tamiami Trail, Suite 5, Naples, FL 34110.

Unique Concept 10 10 workout requires unique breathing for optimal results

Concept 10 10 is a unique exercise and with it comes a different breathing technique than many people may have learned to use during their previous fitness activities.

Many members find it somewhat difficult to employ this breathing technique at first. However, once they learn how to breathe efficiently, they will soon find they can get the most out of their 20 minute weekly sessions and see better results.

Jorgen Albrechtsen, founder of Concept 10 10 and owner of the world headquarters location in North Naples, explains in this video how to perform this breathing technique and why it is important.

Breathing throughout the performance of each exercise should be continuous, natural and performed with an open mouth. Breathing should be through the mouth and several inhales and exhales will be taken with each movement at Concept 10 10 because the movements are so slow.

As the exercise becomes more difficult, you should deliberately breathe faster.

It is important to break the urge to hold your breath. Many weight lifters may do this by holding their breath while exerting or more precisely closing the glottis or vocal chords, getting a gulp of air in their lungs and then pushing against it. Often you see red faces and tense facial muscles when people are doing this. We DO NOT want this, as Jorgen Albrechtsen explains, because:

  • It raises blood pressure.
  • It raises intravascular pressure on the venous circulation and increases intra-thoracic pressure, which decreases venous return to the heart.
  • It provides an internal mechanical assist within muscle– which is why weight lifters will hold their breath to make record lifts. However, it undermines the Concept 10 10 goal of fatiguing the muscle, as it essentially short-circuits that process. So, not only is it potentially dangerous to do it, but it also prevents the muscle fatiguing and resulting growth factors we’re working to achieve.

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Member: Concept 10 10 helps in injury recovery, provides efficient, effective fitness

Sandy Einck, 61, a member of Concept 10 10 headquartered in North Naples, found the safety of the one-on-one, personal, private training at Concept 10 10 to be just what she needed as she recovered from injuries. Also, she loved that she could get better results in the 20-minute, no-sweat workout than she could get from power walking for hours every week.

Sandy Einck, 61, used to walk four miles sopping in sweat from the South Florida heat every single day. Six months ago a friend suggested she try Concept 10 10.

What a difference, she exclaims.

Now she spends 20 minutes each week to get better full body results than she ever got power walking.

“I’m creating muscles I’ve never had before,” she said. “I’ve lost a couple inches too.”

It’s been six months since she started Concept 10 10 and she went from not being able to do a pushup after a surgery to being among the strongest members of any age at Concept 10 10 North Naples.

While some people are skeptical at the outset and it takes a session or a couple sessions to see results, Sandy had a different experience.

“First time I did it, I thought this is the ticket,” she said.

What convinced her?

“I mean I hurt. You know when you work to the point it hurts. You know you’re doing something good. It’s that good hurt,” said Sandy.

While Concept 10 10 doesn’t push or promote any particular eating style, the success Sandy experienced from the strength training is motivating her.

“This has given me the incentive to eat healthy,” she said, beaming and exuding a growing self-confidence.

Sandy Einck wasn’t paid to share her experience.

“I found something I love that changed my life. I want other people to experience that. I wish everyone would try it. Just give 20 minutes or so… I plan to do this the rest of my life.”


Concept 10 10 is located in several countries around the world. There is currently a Concept 10 10 in North Naples, which is the world head quarters, and there is a Concept 10 10 opening in downtown Naplesas well as one in Estero.

Concept 10 10 has now released the opportunity to establish a franchise/license in Fort Myers.

It is an excellent business opportunity that doesn’t require any special background as we supply  complete training and set up. Part time or absentee ownership is also possible.  The Fort Myers location will greatly benefit from all the Naples activities with 3 units soon in operation.

Interested in running a business that adds to health and quality of life? Find out more here and contact us at

Want to know more about the Concept 10 10 workout? Click here

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Fentimans: Concept 10 10 fastest, most upscale fitness option in Naples

Concept 10 10 stands out among the seemingly endless fitness options in Southwest Florida where there are more gyms, added classes and new equipment and gimmicks added to the market daily. If you want something different and something you can count on that is backed by science and dozens of unpaid testimonials and endorsements from this community, you want to learn about Concept 10 10. (When a word or phrase is underlined below, click on it for details and more information.)

Jackie and Andrew Fentiman of Bonita Springs began working out at Concept 10 10 in North Naples about two months ago.

The couple enjoyed several activities including kayaking and pilates. However, they began drifting away from a regular fitness routine.

“I am constantly looking at different fitness options. I read about Concept 10 10, then I stopped in here, saw a sign for a free trial, read about it online… Once we tried the free starter session, we knew it was a good workout,” Jackie Fentiman said.

Just 20 minutes a week in a private one-0n-one session with a trainer was a great draw. The science available on the website made sense. Was it really going to work?


“I thought it was going to kill me,” she said, wide-eyed and smiling regarding that first start session.

After reading about it, Andrew Fentiman said he actually wasn’t that skeptical.

“Just like anyone, we did still wonder if there was a catch though,” he said.

That changed for him after the start session as well.

Despite a lull in their fitness routine before Concept 10 10, previously the couple had worked with a private trainer for 25 years.

“A trainer pushes you, but this is so very different. You can feel the muscles kind of collapsing because of the effort. We all know you have to break down muscle to build it up again. So, intuitively it all made sense,” said Andrew Fentiman.

The Fentimans work and keep a busy schedule, so staying fit and gaining their body’s ultimate level of strength by committing fewer than 20 minutes per week to a workout is a dream come true.

Concept 10 10 founder and owner Jorgen Albrechtsen explains why 20 minutes is “not only enough but the optimal amount” in this video:

Jackie was thrilled that Concept 10 10 gave her the strength to enjoy paddle boarding for the first time.

The results they reported come as no surprise to Concept 10 10 trainers.

In addition to gaining functionality, Jackie’s ongoing neck pain was eliminated. (Another testimonial from Concept 10 10 member and Naples doctor who eliminated neck pain here Denmark’s blog with more photos is here.)

Best of all, Jackie gives Andrew “the eyes” and exclaims that she loves the way he looks!

Andrew may be a little shy about the compliment regarding the changes in his body that Jackie sees, but he really enjoys it too.

The Fentimans are completely sold on Concept 10 10 and can’t give it up if they wanted to. It didn’t take long.

“We were immediately impressed as soon as we walked in here. It doesn’t look like a gym. Doesn’t smell like a gym. The trainers don’t wear the same clothes, talk the same language. This is something completely different,” said Andrew Fentiman.

Jackie and Andrew Fentiman of Bonita Springs have found their ideal means to fitness at Concept 10 10 in North Naples. It pushes their muscles to the max in an upscale, private setting while relieving her neck pain, adding to their abilities in other activities and making her love the way he looks more than ever!

It’s true. Where else can you go to get your muscles to the point of complete exhaustion in just 20 minutes so that you don’t have to workout again for another seven days?!   A different Concept 10 10 location of course.

In addition to the headquarters of the international Concept 10 10  that is located in North Naples, another location is opening in downtown Naples near the Lemon Drop Hotel and a third location is opening in Estero near the ship, a landmark located on U.S. 41 between Bonita Beach Road and Coconut Point Mall. (If interested in learning more about franchising and licensing click here.)  The license for Fort Myers is now available and is an excellent business opportunity. The 2 new Concept 10 10 locations in Naples were taken by members of the North Naples location. They were so impressed with their own results that they wanted to get involved in the business.

With all these Concept 10 10 locations, you truly will be able to get a workout in anytime– in the middle of any errand or during a break from work. You won’t return sweaty and you need not have extra shoes, clothes, towels and equipment in the trunk.

“It’s true. We’re in workout clothes, but you could come here in your business suit, take off your jacket, do a workout, and then, go back to work afterwards,” said Andrew Fentiman at a recent session in North Naples.

Learn more about the no sweat workout here.

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