Health and Fitness: A Balancing Act

They go together perfectly. But, just because you have peanut butter doesn’t mean you have jelly. The same is true with health and fitness.

People often refer to health and fitness together as if the two are conjoined.

It’s common to assume that one’s health increases along with one’s physical fitness level. However, it doesn’t really work that way. More isn’t always better when it comes to physical fitness.

“Too much of a good thing can actually kill you,” said Jorgen Albrechtsen, founder of Concept 10 10.

The body is perpetually balancing between breaking down and building up. The balance between the states of building up (catabolic) and breaking down (anabolic) is the essence of life and health.

Historically, humans would sustain long periods of the threat of starvation. Despite the negative effects of that break down in the body, calorie restriction has proven to create a catabolic state where DNA repair occurs.

Health also includes the lack of disease and pathology. Remaining healthy requires the ability to adapt to challenges, including exposure to various elements, physical exertion and the presence of pathogens.

Fitness is a part of the body’s ability to withstand and recover from these stressors. It’s the ability to handle challenges above a resting activity level. Concept 10 10 training is performed for the purpose of increasing and optimizing functionality.

Concept 10 10 founder Jorgen Albrechtsen on why 20 minutes per week is enough to be fit without jeopardizing health


Being fit requires exercise, not just mere physical activity. Exercise is mindful and contributes to both health and fitness. Physical activity that is not mindful can harm one’s health.

By this definition, running or jogging is not exercise because of the number of injuries sustained by people who jog and run. This choice of physical fitness has a high risk of harming one’s health.

There is no jogging at Concept 10 10. There is no activity that poses risk by such high impact.

Last May, scientists evaluated the blood of runners 24 hours after they had participated in a marathon. Results showed that the marathoners’ blood had high levels of clotting and inflammatory factors, making their blood not unlike that of people who have suffered heart attacks. This does not mean that marathon running is a bad activity, but if you are looking to become healthy, there are better options to consider.

You should exercise in order to become healthy. Exercise is simply structured physical activity, focusing on specific parts of the body with a varied frequency, intensity, and duration. The key to good exercise is to find a high level of intensity that can be done without exhausting yourself. If you can do this, you will not overwork your body. You will become fit without endangering your health.

Concept 10 10 is by definition exercise in that it contributes to physical fitness as well as to health because the high-intensity, low-impact nature of the exercises come without risk of injury and are highly effective in building muscle, cardiovascular efficiency and function.

The workout is scientifically proven. It is effective because it is done very slowly with each repetition done in 10 seconds—10 seconds in and 10 seconds out or 10-second contractions and extensions. There are six pieces of equipment working the whole body in about 20 minutes with each exercise done until muscle fatigue. It takes about seven days for the body to recover from the intensity and allow the proper balance between a catabolic and anabolic state.

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