immigrationWe offer a unique program that could enable you to live full time anywhere in the US.

Concept 10 10 is a scientifically-based, exercise and rehabilitation program using cutting-edge technology, with a proven track record. The internationally-acclaimed system is described in detail at

Corporate management has developed a unique and affordable opportunity which may enable foreign nationals from qualified countries to live and work in the United States through the E-2 visa program by setting up a Concept 10 10 business. Information about E-2 visas is available through the U.S. Department of State website, at

Approved visa terms may vary from country to country, and unlimited extensions are possible as long as your operation is active and continues to meet the requirements. Spouses and minor children are eligible for E-2 visas as immediate family members.

We will assist individuals in setting up their Concept 10 10 facility and preparing all necessary documentation to submit their visa applications to the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

57590082No specific background is necessary; we provide all the tools and information required to establish a successful business.

An initial payment of $14,500 (all credit cards accepted) is required to cover preparation of business and visa documents, including the financial forecast, selecting the area and the attorney fees etc. Once the initial steps have been completed, the $195,000 cost of the Concept 10 10 business must be placed in an escrow account, to be released upon approval of the E-2 visa application In the unlikely event the E-2 visa application is denied, the full $195,000 will be immediately refunded.

You are welcome to involve your own attorney in the escrow process to ensure total transparency and security for you.

Our qualified attorneys with many years’ experience in immigration and visa-related matters will handle the application on your behalf.

They recognize that each situation is unique and will take you through the whole process in a very satisfactory manner.

Send us an email to to start communication about your possibilities to immigrate to the US.