Peter Murphy

Director of Training, Concept 10 10

Pete Murphy came to us with a wealth of athletic and personal training experience but, according to him, it was Concept 10 10 that has served him best. “I worked in a somewhat similar kind of training back in the late 90’s, and I became so convinced that this was the right way to exercise that, ever since, I have found the motivation to train only when it follows these simple, straightforward and logical protocols. Since coming to work here, I have gone from an out-of-shape father of 3 young kids, constantly too tired to participate in the usual parental obligations and family games, to an in-shape, active dad. I simply didn’t have the time or initiative to put in the hours it takes in traditional exercise programs to achieve the results I was looking for. When I learned about Concept 10 10, I was excited not only to participate in an approach to exercise I knew, but also to be a part of a business that I know will continue to grow. I jumped on board with both feet. Simply put, I know it works because I’ve seen the results.“

Pete has been an athlete throughout his life: a successful wrestler and football player in high school, he went on to be an All-League, League MVP, and All-American football player at the Division III level. Following that, he continued in athletics and training as a coach and player, ending up as athletic director at a boarding school in Virginia. He moved to Florida and started his own business, but the call of physical fitness and the knowledge that there is a style of exercise that helps people of all ages, physical types and shapes (regardless of fitness level) kept Pete looking for a way to utilize his experience and interest best. “It was pure good fortune that I met Jorgen and learned about his approach to fitness. Concept 1010 has taken my understanding of this training to the next level.

The exercise field is full of passing fads and popular approaches. I can believe in this approach; I’ve seen it work.. It’s worked for me. It’s worked for my 20-year-old clients and it’s worked for my 90-year-old clients and it works for everybody in between.


Kathy Dominguez Personal TraingerKathy Dominguez

Concept 10 10 personal trainer

Kathy always enjoyed being fit. However, she was shocked by how much the Concept 10 10 equipment could offer her muscles a challenge.

“I was shaking afterward,” she recalled of her first workout.

As a trainer, she enjoys watching other people try it for the first time.

“I like seeing how they react because some are so skeptical at first and then as soon as they do it, they’re trembling,” Kathy said.

First-timers are offered a full experience at no charge and without any pressure—well except for some pressure and strain on their muscles. After giving it a try, a person can schedule their next appointment—or not—pay for their next session or package of sessions—or not—without any hassle.


Amber Crockett Personal TrainerAmber Crockett

Concept 10 10 Personal Trainer

Amber Crockett is a full-time college student studying psychology at Florida Gulf Coast University. She understands the importance of working out to keep a healthy and happy lifestyle. She also worked out at Concept 10 10 before becoming employed at the North Naples location as a receptionist all the while learning to become a Concept 10 10 trainer in her own right.

Amber is a hard worker. She knows time management is key to success and that a 20-minute-per-week workout will be something great to offer busy, working families and people who have multitudes of interests that demand or attract their time.



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