Strength training – the most important !

Recent medical research has demonstrated that
strength training is the most effective way to achieve a healthier and fitter
body. And unlike other forms of exercise that can take their toll on knees,
ankles, hips, and shoulders, weight work, properly done, strengthens the
muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissues while improving your overall
health. In other words, the goal (and result) of strength training is to build
you up, not beat you up.

The muscular system is the largest organ in the body,
nourished and cleansed by the most extensive network of blood vessels. In fact,
because the major share of your body´s vessel (or vascular) system resides in
your muscles, keeping your muscular system healthy of necessity enhances your
vascular system. Contrary to common belief, most of our other organs, including
the heart and lungs, exist to serve your muscular system.