News About Concept 10 10 in Naples Illustrated

Fitness Explosion

I started to tell you about Concept 1010 in my last post, and since I just returned from my weekly session, I feel inspired to elaborate. I have been a workout fiend for years—both cardio and weight training have always been a part of my fitness routine.  As I got older, I kept up with it all, not just for fitness, but because I was terrified to quit as I felt certain that gravity would ankle-tackle me and dash every part of me to the ground that was not rock solid.

Concept 1010 has facilities all over the world, and the owner, who resides in Naples, was a guest on Bob’s ( radio show several times.  As a result, Bob became a sort of “guinea pig” to try Concept 1010.  He really liked it and encouraged me to try it.  Silly, I thought, having been schooled with the prevailing notion that at least one hour of cardio activity and weight training was needed to keep fit and toned.  Concept 1010 changed my mind.  This unique method of high-intensity training takes only 20 minutes per week. The sessions are one-on-one with a personal trainer in a private setting with no one else is in the room.  Having a routine that actually works and does not take hours is so liberating and allows more time for other pursuits, like my bread tour of Naples.

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