Dr. Robert G. Riebesell,

Dr. Robert Riebesell, often called Dr. Bob by his clients, has almost 30 years of experience as a chiropractor. He gets his exercise each week at Concept 10 10 and refers his patients there.
“Back pain is a common complaint of the masses. Chiropractors, somewhat ironically, also often suffer lower back pain as an occupational hazard of stooping over their patients for hours each day,” Riebesell said.
Add in the fact that Dr. Bob’s schedule is jam-packed, making Concept 1010 the perfect answer for him personally.
Professionally, Dr. Bob says Concept 10 10 offers two machines—one for the lower back and one for the neck—that target common areas of weakness that bring clients into his office. The entire Concept 10 10 workout is somewhat unique, but as Dr. Bob points out, for chiropractic purposes, these two machines,  are particularly unique for strengthening areas that are vulnerable to strain


Robert Hedgepath, 74

Robert decided to stop into the Concept 10 10 gym after passing by it a few times on a drive home. Naples, FL wasn’t the first time or place he’d seen the name.
“I was in Dubais a couple years ago and I saw a gym there. I decided to read about it then. That’s what drew me—the research,” says Robert Hedgepath.
“I’m a jogger and I’m not giving that up,” he says.
“I wanted to develop upper body strength,” he says.
Robert was quickly hooked.
“It’s not easy, but sure is convenient.”
He enjoys the challenge of getting put to the test to the point of muscle failure, where he can’t lift that muscle another second. He also likes that when he was told 20 minutes, it really is 20 minutes in and out without a bead of sweat to worry about when he’s on to the next part of his day.


Bob Harden, 65

Local talk radio host Bob Harden, 65, said he heard about Concept 10 10 through friends. He was skeptical at first, but you have to try it to believe it, Bob says.
It wasn’t long ago that he too says he was duped into believing that hours of work were required to stay in shape. Now, Bob says he knows better.
Bob is known in the area for his time on 98.9 FM WGUF Naples FM Talk Radio’s “The Bob Harden Show.”
He recently retired from the show and will be starting his own live radio show and internet podcast where Concept 10 10 will likely be one of many discussions, he says.
Bob finishes a 20 minute workout without a bead of sweat and not at all breathless thanks to a lack of jogging or traditional cardio work.
That doesn’t mean those muscles aren’t shaking and soon to be feeling a bit weak, as he worked to complete muscle fatigue faster than any other workout he’s tried.

Andrea Compton

Andrea Compton, 30, of Naples, is currently working with è Bella magazine and is about 7 months pregnant with her second child. She has been working out at Concept 10 10 for about 5 months, making her second pregnancy much more comfortable than the first, she said. When pregnant with her first son, less than 1 ½ years ago, she suffered from near constant lower back pain. She isn’t experiencing any of that with her pregnancy with her second son, she said.
Concept 10 10 trainers say that this low-impact strength training is the best way for expectant mothers such as Andrea to stay strong and gain more strength during the demands of child bearing.