The runaround: You need not jog to be in top “cardio” health, Concept 10 10 members say

Marathons and triathlons abound South Florida at the beginning of the New Year. The Concept 10 10 training doesn’t include jogging, and, in fact, kind of discourages it. Nonetheless, many runners who are clients of Concept 10 10 said the workout is giving them a leg up come race time.

Neither age nor risk of injury are slowing down Concept 10 10 member Robert Hedgepath (who shares his age in the video below). In fact, although jogging is discouraged by Concept 10 10 due to an unnecessary risk of injury, the Concept 10 10 workout helps Robert’s running.

Concept 10 10 training is the best you can do for your cardiovascular system, owner and founder Jorgen Albrechtsen reports. Jogging and other high-impact, low-intensity exercises are not part of Concept 10 10 because they increase the risk of injury and they are not effective in maximizing physical fitness, he says.

Not having to jog to gain your maximum fitness level is attractive to many Concept 10 10 clients. Jogging is one of the many traditional “aerobic” exercises that damage joints. Non-marathoners may also just find such activity unpleasant. So, these people are in for a treat at Concept 10 10 because running and old-fashioned “aerobics” exercises, often referred to as cardio, are not in the Concept 10 10 exercise routine. Runners are also in for a treat though, because Concept 10 10 clients who enjoy running are reporting increased speed and endurance following training at Concept 10 10 in North Naples.

The Concept 10 10 workout includes just about 20 minutes of work each week on a total of six machines, with each movement done in slow, controlled movements for about 10 seconds lifting the weight and 10 seconds lowering the weight. Beginner clients can benefit by two workouts per week for the first 2 to 3 weeks until they achieve their high intensity weight and perfect the technique of 10 seconds lifting, 10 lowering.

The six exercises increase strength and muscular development by working the muscles until fatigue without any high-impact or risk of  injury. Each client works alone with a trainer in a one-on-one setting. The increased strength gained by the ultimate Concept 10 10 workout increases cardiovascular fitness.

“This is cardio at its best. All serious research indicates increasing your muscle mass and increasing your cardio is totally the same thing. If you’ve increased your muscle mass, you’ve increased your cardio performance,” says Jorgen.

Concept 10 10 member Robert Hedgepath gets it. He heard of the science behind Concept 10 10 years ago. Research and first-hand experience sold Robert on the concepts several months ago.

“Well I still believe in cardio, I still like to run, but I know it’s just a matter of being stronger,” he says.

Hear Robert Hedgepath share his experience (and his age) in this video:


So, although it’s not encouraged, Robert still runs regularly. The strength that he’s gained from Concept 10 10 helps in multiple ways. It improved his overall fitness by increasing his upper body strength, which running was not doing for him, he said. Furthermore, the strength gained in his lower body and throughout his body, is helping his running.

Learn more from Jorgen Albrechtsen in this video below on how cardiovascular health is maximized with Concept 10 10 through its high-intensity, low-impact workouts versus low-intensity, high-impact activities such as jogging.

Concept 10 10 is cardiovascular exercise at its best without any jogging or traditional work:


Also, learn more about the myth of cardio and other fitness myths on the Concept 10 10 website  as well as in our first newsletter of the New Year coming mid January.