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 Personal & Private Training

All Ages. Very effective

One-on-one always. Medically approved.

Concept 10 10’s scientific approach to fitness lies within our unique equipment, trained staff and one of a kind concept.

You will always experience a personal one on one approach. A personal trainer will set up the equipment prior to your arrival and be with you, one on one, supervising you through the entire workout, from beginning till end, each time, always.

Concept 10 10’s approach is backed by years of research with amazing results, all while offering the best cardio you can get.

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LaDonnaLaDonna Roye
Hairstylist LaDonna Roye was recommended by her doctor in 2011 and finds the workout perfect for her schedula and health(more…)
Zlobl2-1024x680Tracy Zlobl
Tracy Zlobl was having neck troubles and came to Concept 10 10 and saves thousand on doctor visits…(more…)
FemaleFitnessOur Clients Speak Up!
See more testimonials of how Concept 10 10 helped your neighbors …(more…)