Yuppy, the Concept 10 10 mascot, bounces back after rare brain surgery

Yuppy, the Concept 10 10 mascot, recovers from brain surgery

Yuppy, the two-pound Concept 10 10 mascot, is proving to be a mighty dog.

She was first introduced as the mascot while modeling on the abdominal machine several months ago. Since then, episodes that appeared to be seizures nearly cost Yuppy her life.

The two-pound, now three- year old, Russian Toy Terrier, might have been put to sleep in her home country of Denmark. But luck was on Yuppy’s side as one of the few neurosurgeons in the world capable of a proper diagnosis and brain surgery was in Naples, Fla..

Yuppy underwent the rare brain surgery at Specialty Animal Hospital with neurosurgeon Michelle Carnes just before the New Year and within a month was cheerleading for her human mom, Pernille, who also depends on Yuppy as a service dog.

Pernille is hearing impaired. Yuppy alerts her when a stranger is approaching from behind or when her phone rings from across the room– or even while her cell phone is in her purse as Pernille competes across the tennis courts. That’s what Yuppy faithfully did just a few days after undergoing the rare brain surgery.